When to come?

When you should contact our office?

• If you become quickly tired on exertion, or you experience palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath (especially while sitting or nocturnal), chest pain that is worsening on effort or stress;
• If you wish to know the Echo-Doppler diagnosis in diseases of the abdominal organs, thyroid gland, breasts (tumors, cysts, stones and so on);
• Before surgery that implies general anesthesia;
• If you wish to be involved in high performance sports;
• If you are involved in a risky or stressful activity;
• If your blood pressure was higher than 140/90 mm Hg;
• If you are apparently healthy, aged > 40, smoke or you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus or gout in your family;
• If a sudden swelling occurs in one or both arms or legs;
• If you have limb varicosities;
• If you experienced leg pain while walking, that subsides when stopping;
• If you were operated upon for peripheral artery disease.
• If you experienced one or more strokes or transient ischemic attacks.

Patient’s duties (and his family’s)

• to follow ALL the indications of his doctor
• to warn his doctor if any allarming symptoms occur during treatment
• to be present for check-ups when scheduled
• patient’s family will be involved in his/her care: surveillance, buying and giving him/her the medication, good feeding, a home without conflicts or cigarette smoke etc.


1. Our work can save, lengthen or improve the quality of your life! Our adequate equipment and skills allow the efficient management of our patients’ health problems.
2. Take care of your health in the right time and do not risk your life in emergency states!