Other investigations

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

• performs evaluation of the electrical activity of the heart;
• provides important indirect data about: cardiac chambers size, thickness of ventricular walls, rhythm and conduction disturbances , acute and old myocardial infarctions etc.;
• we also perform the digital archiving of ECG tracings, for subsequent analysis and comparison.

HOLTER Monitoring TA  24 h

• a modern approach to the simultaneous ambulatory study of blood pressure and ECG.

By means of a light digital memory device carried by the patient, essential data that cannot be otherwise gained, are recorded (i.e: significant BP variation , cardiac rhythm and conduction disturbances, ischemic ECG alterations happened during physical or intellectual stress, or even nocturnal).

Ankle-brahial index

The latest DOPPLER investigation modality for the diagnosis and prognosis of periferal artery disease and its importance for ischemic heart disease.

NB – this investigation has definitely replaced oscillometry 

Holter TA 24 h

state of the art ECG monitoring on 3/12 channels, using a light digital recorder. This computer assisted device  records heart’s beat to beat activity and highlights arrhythmias and ischaemic alterations.

Exercise ECG Stress Testing

• computerised method for dynamic testing of the heart, in order to assess the fitness(sportsmen, military etc.) or the heart disease state
this test is also useful in the rehabilitation activity in patients after a myocardical infarction or myocardical revascularization (by-pass, angioplasty).